FAQ’s – Your Questions Answered

Purchasing a custom-built computer from Tekhouse Computers should never be an action that any of our customers will regret. We appreciate that making a large purchase can be daunting and requires a leap of faith, we hope with our FAQ and customer testimonial page here, some of your questions can be answered, and your mind put at rest, if however you still have questions please do feel free to contact us where we will be more than happy to answer any further questions that you may have.

My Custom Computer

How long will it take to build my new computer?

Providing we are not building a computer with a custom bespoke water cooling system, or using requested specialist components in the build, we normally complete custom builds in 5-7 working days, of course this does largely depend on the time of year and how busy we are, but a standard custom build will never take longer than 14 working days even at our busiest time of year.

Can you give me a written quote?

Yes, we give every potential customer as many written quotes as they require with different hardware options.

What Hardware can I choose for my computer?

You can choose any hardware you wish for your custom computer build, from processor type, motherboard, memory, storage configuration, case etc. Providing all of the components are compatible with each other, we will advise you of any compatibility issues at the design stage anyway if something is not quite right.

Does my new computer come with Windows?

Yes, you can choose to have your new computer supplied with or without windows, it’s worth pointing out that the latest Intel processors (7th generation onwards) will only run Windows 10 or above.

Why do you have to order parts for my computer?

We do keep a small stock level of the most commonly used parts, however we limit the amount of stock we carry on site, simply because the IT industry is a fast evolving and changing environment, and what everyone wants in their computer builds one week, may be out of favour the next week, by ordering components on demand we can get the latest component revisions at the latest and in most cases the best prices, by using this practice we are able to keep our prices down for our customers.

I only want a standard home computer, so why do you still have to build it?

We scratch build all of our computers, and never keep pre-built computers sitting on a shelf gathering dust and becoming obsolete, this allows our customers to receive the most up to date technology when they buy a computer from us.

What brands of hardware do you use in the build?

We can use any brands a customer specifies, however if no preference is given, we use the most reputable brands in the industry like, Gigabyte, MSI, Asus, Intel, AMD, Corsair, Kingston etc. Just to name a small selection of the most well-known brands.

Can I give you a list of parts to use in my custom build?

Yes, of course you can, you can give us a complete parts and spec list and we will build your computer exactly the way you want it at the most competitive price possible.

Do you sell second hand computers?

The short Answer is no we don’t, The only time we might consider selling a second hand computer is when a customer specifically asks for one due to budget constraints, but this will depend on if we actually have any old PC’s available.

Do you use used or reconditioned parts in custom builds?

No we do not use used or reconditioned parts (the ONLY exception is the next question “My graphics card is only three months old, can I have it in my new custom computer build?”).

My graphics card is only three months old, can I have it in my new custom computer build?

Under certain circumstances we do allow use of your previously purchased hardware in a new build if requested, providing the component is less than one year old and will not adversely effect the performance of your new custom computer, i.e. High end graphics cards, solid state drives (SSD’s) etc. You can either fit the hardware yourself, or you would need to order your new computer with our ‘Gold Delivery Service’ so that we can fit your hardware at the point of delivery and setup at your home / business.

We should point out that your custom build would be fully tested and certified for performance, hardware compatibility, and system stability before shipping, once you start adding your own hardware, any testing that we have carried out becomes void.


How much does delivery cost?

For a full breakdown of our shipping charges please visit our shipping page, shipping costs will depend on the service you choose, and the product you are purchasing.

Where do you deliver to?

We deliver to the UK mainland with our silver delivery service, our gold delivery service covers a 200 mile radius on UK mainland from base, we can make special delivery arrangements on customer request for additional costs.

How do I know when my computer will be delivered?

Once your computer is ready for shipping, we will contact you to make arrangements for delivery on a day that is convenient for you.

What delivery service do you use?

Depending on which shipping service you choose at the time of order, we either deliver your PC in person, or we use DPD, Parcelforce, APC or MyHermes.

Can my computer be delivered to my place of work?

Yes, providing you state this at the time of order, or at the very latest 24 hrs before dispatch, you must personally be available to check and sign for your computer.

Can my computer be left in a safe place?

Absolutely not, you must personally be available to check and sign for your computer, our shipping companies are not allowed to leave your computer in safe places.

Can I collect my computer in person?

Yes of course you can, you just need to state this at the time of order.

Can you set my computer up in my home for me?

Yes of course we can, providing you live within 200 miles of our location and live on the UK mainland, you just need to choose the ‘gold’ delivery service at the time of purchase.

What happens if my computer is shipped by courier and gets damaged in transit?

Firstly, you must inform us of any shipping damage within 24hrs of receiving your computer, after this time we cannot claim against the shipping company and will not be able to help you; providing you have contacted us within 24 hrs of delivery, we will arrange to have the damaged unit collected, inspected at our workshop, repaired or replaced and returned to you.


I want to pay by cheque, where do I send it?

You can send cheques to:

Tekouse Computers Ltd
10 Kingham Road
Nr Ware,
SG12 7SB

Who do I make cheques payable to?

Please make cheques payable to:

Tekhouse Computers Ltd

Will paying by cheque delay my custom computer build?

Unfortunately yes there will be a delay, we cannot start your custom build until funds have cleared in our bank account, depending on who you bank with, cheque clearance times are usually 5 – 7 business days.

How do I pay by BACS?

Log into your online banking and set up a new recipient using the details below:

Company Name: Tekhouse Computers Ltd
Bank: Lloyds Bank
Branch: Hertford, Hertfordshire
Account Number: 35497768
Sort Code: 30-84-85

Please be sure to include your order number on the transfer.

Do you accept debit & credit card payments?

Yes we do, you can either pay in person using chip & pin at our office, you can pay by credit or debit card when purchasing via our website, or we can generate a Paypal invoice so that you can pay by card via the internet for our bespoke computer build service.

Our preferred method of payment is bank transfer BACS

Do you charge for credit card payments?

No, we do not charge our customers for paying by credit or debit card, we absorb all merchant fees ourselves.

Do you give me a receipt or proof of purchase?

Yes we do, as soon as you have paid and funds have cleared we send you a receipt via email, we also include a hard copy with your computer when it is delivered.

Do you offer any credit facilities?

Unfortunately we do not currently offer any credit facilities, we are however looking to get something into place very soon, we do however accept credit card payments, and PayPal Credit payments (you will need to apply to PayPal to use PayPal credit).

Warranty & Support

Do I get a warranty with my new computer?

Yes, all of our new build custom computers come with a Tekhouse Computers 1 year parts & 2 year labour warranty as standard.

Can I buy extended warranty with my new computer?

Yes you can, there are our “Extended” and “Premium” warranty packages available for you to choose from when you purchase your computer, giving you Parts cover up to 3 years, and labour cover up to 4 years.

What quality control do you have in place?

At every stage of your custom computer build it has to pass our rigorous multi point quality control check to ensure that the highest levels of assembly are being adhered to, only when your computer has passed all of its checks and tests can it move on to the next stage of assembly, our assembly technicians are highly skilled with many years of computer assembly and configuration expertise.

What is a stress test?

A stress test, sometimes known as a burn-in test, is one of the final tests performed once your computer is assembled and running, we run a piece of specialised software on your computer over a 24 hr period, the software is designed to put your hardware under a 100% load, this enables us to determine that all of the components are working correctly with each other, and that any cooling systems in the build are keeping the system temperatures within acceptable limits, this also gives us an opportunity to replace any components that are not running optimally in your computer before it is signed off ready for dispatch.

Do you have a store where I can see your computers?

Yes we do, we have our online store that you can access from the “Custom PC’S” button on the main menu, Its important to note that this is just a small selection of pre-designed computers which are assembled to order, we do also offer the full bespoke design and build service, please contact us with your requirements or for more information.

What happens if my computer breaks?

In the unlikely event that your computer develops a fault, please contact us and we will endeavour to rectify the problem as soon as possible, if we confirm a fault, and a resolution cannot be found with you on the phone, we will almost certainly require your computer to be diagnosed onsite or at our workshop before a repair can be carried out, if faulty hardware is found to be the problem and it is within the warranty agreement time period, your computer will be repaired without charge, if the fault is deemed to be caused by user misuse, incorrectly customer fitted after market hardware etc, you may be charged a diagnostic, repair and shipping charge.

I want a component in my computer upgraded, can you do that for me?

In short, yes we can, we appreciate that computer technology is constantly evolving, as is the software that runs on the hardware which from time to time requires hardware upgrades, we can fit parts supplied by yourself providing they are compatible with your current hardware, and any packaging is sealed for a small fee, or we can supply your required upgraded hardware and fit it for you for an agreed beforehand cost.

Can I fit my own hardware upgrades after I have purchased my computer?

Yes you can, however we advise extreme caution, if any new or upgraded components not supplied and fitted by Tekhouse Computers are deemed to have caused damage to your computer, your warranty will be void and Tekhouse Computers will not be responsible for any future repairs on the originally supplied hardware.