Computer Upgrades

We offer a full computer hardware upgrade service at very competitive prices, whether you need more memory, more storage, better graphics for the latest games or want a complete motherboard and processor upgrade we can accomodate your needs.

We can take a look at your current computer specifications for you, and based on what you intend to do with your computer, or in most cases what the computer will not do, we can advise you on how your current computer can be upgraded in the most cost effective way. We will never advise you to upgrade a machine if it’s more cost effective to replace it with a newer machine, for example there is absolutely no point in putting the latest RTX 2080 Super graphics card into a machine that is based on a 10 year old motherboard and processor, we wouldn’t waste our money doing an upgrade like that, and certainly wouldn’t advise our customers to.

Below are some of the more common upgrades that we carry out just to give you a general idea of what can and cannot be done, if your requirements are not listed below please feel free to contact us to discuss your upgrade options.


This is one of our more common upgrades, whereby we add extra Hard drives for extra storage, or replace the original convensional Hard drive altogether for a newer Solid State Drive (SSD or M.2 SSD) with more storgae capacity and far superior access / write speeds. 

Graphics Cards

This is another of our very common upgrades, it’s no secret that graphics cards are evolving and getting better at a phenomenal rate, and it’s no secret that the gaming, CGI and video industries are also evolving at the same rate to take full advantage of the new technology. This leaves those of us with a graphics card over three or four years old in somewhat of a pickle, as in our machines are just not up to the task of generating the required graphics throughput at the required speeds and quality to satisfy the latest gaming and CGI requirements. By far one of the easiest upgrades to almost any computer is the graphics card, the only factor that really would not make this a feasible option is a very old motherboard and processor. A couple of things that you need to mindful of are, 1. does your current computer case have enough space for the latest generation graphics cards? (some are very large indeed) and, 2. is your current power supply is up to the job? We will advise you on both of these points if you require us to do a graphics card upgrade.

System Memory

Another very popular computer upgrade that we carry out for customers is Ram Upgrades.
RAM stands for Random Access Memory and takes the form of small rectangular circuit boards with memory chips and integrated circuits on them, each with a different value or capacity. These boards are commonly referred to as ‘sticks.’ RAM does not actually contain your data, think of them more as the ‘workhorses’ that access and retrieve your data. The more ‘horses’ you have, the faster you’ll be able to move data around, and the faster your programs and computer in general will run.

Simply put, the more RAM your computer has the better and faster it will run, how much Ram your computer can support, and how much extra RAM you can add during an upgrade will largely depend on the motherboard specifications, RAM type used, and the age of the computer. We can assess if it’s a viable upgrade for you free of charge before you decide to commit to us carrying out a RAM upgrade for you.

Power Supply

This upgrade gets overlooked most of the time, computer users upgrade their computers to the latest specifications, with the newest available hardware and completely take for granted that their shiny new powerful components may require twice as much power as the factory fitted components, graphics card upgrades are a classic example of this. Generally, the first signs that your power supply is not up to the job in hand after a hardware upgrade is your computer ‘crashing’, ‘locking up’ or showing the ‘blue screen of death’ during normal use, if this happens it doesn’t necessarily mean your computer is broken, just that your machine is being starved of power, the easiest cure for this is a power supply upgrade. We can assess your computer’s power requirements, and if you require us to perform the upgrade we can fit a new correctly specified power supply for your computer, including tidy cable runs, and load testing once the new power supply is fitted to ensure your machine is correctly powered.


The Processor, also called the CPU (Central Processing Unit) or microprocessor, is one of the most important components in a PC. The Processor receives data input by the user, processes information and executes commands. The two main brands of Processor are Intel and AMD, both have their advantages and disadvantages, and what processor you choose will largely depend on what you use your computer for, your budget, and personal preference.

We would not ordinarily recommend a processor upgrade as a stand-alone upgrade, that is not to say it cannot be done, however processors are expensive and most of the time a stand-alone processor upgrade is not financially viable, there is also the situation where certain processors will only run on certain motherboards, for example an AMD processor will not run on an Intel motherboard, or a 1150 Intel processor will not run on a 1151 intel Motherboard.
We would strongly recommend you having a chat with us to discuss your requirements and what your options are before you commit to a stand-alone processor upgrade.


The Motherboard is the main circuit board in a PC. All the components in a PC are either located directly on the Motherboard or connected to it so that they can communicate with the CPU and with eachother. Common items located on the Motherboard include PCI/PCI Express slots, AGP slot, CPU socket, chipset, RAM slots, hard drive connectors, CMOS battery, mouse/keyboard ports, parallel port, USB ports and power supply connection.

Motherboard upgrades are generally required for one of two reasons, 1. A processor upgrade is required to the latest generation of processor, the new processor being the wrong socket standard for the current Motherboard requiring a new Motherboard and Ram upgrade. 2. Your current Motherboard simply doesn’t have the required features or connector sockets (PCI-E, M2 etc) for your requirements. Whatever your reasoning is for a Motherboard upgrade, the Ram and Processor will almost always have to be upgraded to the new motherboard standard as part of a Motherboard upgrade, how financially viable a Motherboard upgrade is will depend on the age of your current computer hardware, and what parts are compatible with the new Motherboard.

We would strongly recommend you having a chat with us to discuss your requirements and what your options are before you commit to a Motherboard upgrade.


Is your case old and beaten up? Are you bored with it and want a change? Is it too small for that new RTX2080 Graphics card you just purchased? Fear not, we can relocate your current hardware into a brand-new case of your choosing, you can either purchase a new case from us, or supply a case that you purchased from another supplier.

All you have to do is bring your computer and your new case to us and we will take all of the components out of your current case, clean them all up so they are all free from dust, and reassemble your computer into your new case, ensuring that all the cable runs are discreetly hidden and out of view where ever possible, in very rare cases when a larger case is used it may be necessary to use power cable extensions, but we will advise you of this before we start the case upgrade.

We can set up RGB lighting themes for you, add extra fans, fan controllers, Colour co-ordinated liquid cooling (see below), with cases and case modding, your imagination really is the only limit to what can be done.

Liquid Cooloing

Liquid cooling is the new standard and way to go for extreme processor and GPU cooling, it’s quieter and more efficient than conventional air fan cooling.
We can supply any off the shelf closed loop liquid cooling system’s of your choosing and convert your air cooled processor or GPU to liquid cooling, or you can go all the way and have us build a bespoke full custom hard or flexible line liquid cooling system, with multiple reservoirs, radiators etc. We can even fill it with light reactive coolant that matches the RGB colour scheme of a PC.